Happy (No) Labor Day!

Receiving a lesson in non-labor from my friend, Sweetie.

Receiving a lesson in non-labor from my friend, Sweetie.

In honor of the Central Labor Union’s intent to observe a holiday for workers 200+ years ago, I intend to observe my own holiday from working – i.e. writing – if only for a four-day weekend.

To tell you the truth though, since becoming a full time writer and bowing out of the real job rat race, “weekends” don’t hold as much luster for me as they used to. I think that’s because when I decided to follow my heart and labor from love instead of for – feel in the blank – I stopped living for the weekend, and started living for the moment.

Nevertheless, a respite to restore and rejuvenate is welcome in whatever form it comes. So bring on the holiday weekend, because even writers and dogs can use the rest.

Come back next Friday, September 5, 2014, for a new blog post. Until then…Live! Love! Learn!

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